Our Practitioners

All our practicing hypnotherapists are both fully qualified and experienced in clinical hypnotherapy for a wide variety of issues, including specialisation areas like fertility by hypnosis, hypnotherapy gastric band, and stop smoking.

Collectively our practitioners have over 20 years experience in mind/body therapies, and approach all their hypnotherapy treatments from a holistic frame of reference.

Gwendoline Ford is our principal clinical hypnotherapist. She has been on the forefront of treatment innovations in the world of hypnotherapy for over a decade.

As a Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA), Gwendoline not only offers clinical hypnotherapy for a range of specialist issues, including fertility and hypno-birthing, but she is also the director and lead hypnotherapy trainer of the AHA recognised training institute, Career Accelerators, which trains hypnotherapists of the future!

Desiree Latour

…is a dedicated and passionate facilitator in natural therapies. She is qualified in a host of natural therapies including herbalism, aromatherapy and massage.

Desiree Latour

In addition, she is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher.

Desiree will custom design the treatment session for you depending on your needs. It will be a combination of physical body care, such as massage and hypnosis or meditation techniques to aid with psycho emotional problems. Through Hypnosis you will be empowered to improve your life through personal motivation and letting go of the limiting patterns to achieving your unique goals. It’s a healing delight of the senses. Find your way back to life harmony.

Gwendoline Ford


…is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Natural Therapies and Training and Assessment, among other qualifications. She is the Principal of Health and Harmony Colleges and a certified member of the HypnoFertility™ Foundation. Gwen is one of the few practitioners qualified in Fertility by Hypnosis in Australia.

Gwen specialises in Hypnotherapy for Life Mastery and Motivation. With a 15 year background in Natural Therapies, Gwendoline will provide holistic strategies for you to overcome everyday challenges and get the best out of life.



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