Fertility by Hypnosis™

Fertility by Hypnosis™

Hypnotherapy has helped many women achieve their goal of becoming pregnant. When using mind/body techniques, such as hypnosis, women have a 42-55% higher conception rate as compared to 20% that use IVF alone (as reported by The Journal of the American Medical Women´s Association and Fertility and Sterility).

We are delighted to announce that one of our expert practitioners, Gwendoline Ford, is now one of just approximately 30 practitioners qualified in Fertility by Hypnosis™ in Australia. This remarkably effective and affordable technique can more than double your chance of getting pregnant by eliminating the main culprits of “unexplained infertility”- stress and anxiety.

This hypnotherapy fertility program can be used alone, or prior to/in conjunction with IVF.


Price Session/s Duration
$160 1 x session 60 – 90 minutes


For further information, you can contact the clinic directly on 07 3392 0673 or you can visit our sister clinic Brisbane Fertility by Hypnosis Clinic.



“I am finally pregnant, again… and this time I know it will be different.”

– Fertility by Hypnosis client, 9 months after a miscarriage

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