Hypnotherapy (General)

Hypnotherapy is designed to release the negative thoughts and beliefs that are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind so that a natural balance is restored to your thinking and experience of life. When we have negative thoughts and beliefs we become stunted and are not able to live to our highest potential.

Hypnotherapy frees you from the limitation of negative thinking and beliefs, and opens the door to opportunities and positive growth. It is a purely natural treatment that has no negative side effects only positive after effects!

Hypnotherapy can be used to remedy many problems, including:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Sleeping problems, such as insomnia
  • Fears and phobia
  • Addictions and substance abuse
  • Poor sexual health
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Low self-esteem and low confidence
  • Sense of hopelessness
  • Poor concentration
  • Lack of faith or belief in oneself


Price Session/s Duration
$120 1 x session 60 – 90 minutes



“I passed my driving test…thank you so much… I am so excited it has helped me to gain control of my nerves and I was more focused than ever before. I will definitely recommend you to others!”

– Client that sought hypnotherapy for driving-related anxiety. This was her 5th attempt in obtaining her driver’s licence and she passed thanks to hypnotherapy!



Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

The success of hypnotherapy for stop-smoking is supported by a ground breaking meta-analysis that statistically combined the results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe on various methods of stop smoking treatment. On average, hypnotherapy was over 3 times as effective as nicotine replacement methods, and 15 times more effective as trying to quit smoking “cold turkey” (University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking, October 1992).

To find out if hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking would be beneficial, think about the following:

  • Do you really want to quit smoking, or are you doing it for someone else?
  • Are you ready to replace the habits associated with smoking with new healthier habits?
  • Do you have a plan in place to support your stop-smoking before, during and after treatment?

If you have answered “yes” to these three questions – then hypnotherapy will be beneficial to you and your new approach to health!

Price Session/s Duration
$360 1 x program 3 hours (total)



“It worked so amazingly well. I can’t believe I haven’t touched another cigarette… now I wonder what else you can help me with!”

– Compulsive (former) cigarette smoker


Holistic Gastric Hypno-Band

An obese and overweight Australian population is now at an epidemic level. If you are struggling with your weight then hypnotherapy can help you to start taking control of your thinking, eating, and experience of life. Why become trapped in the diet/fad exercise cycle, when you can liberate your mind and begin to truly enjoy living life again – and losing weight in the process?

Gwendoline Ford’s Holistic Gastric Hyno-Band Program will help you to uncover the root cause/s of your weight problem, expose and heal negative thoughts patterns, and help you to take a proactive approach to your weight loss aspirations. Weight loss should be an empowering experience – and hypnotherapy will help it be just that!

A four week clinical trial of our program performed at our clinic showed it to be effective in weight loss. 15 participants in the clinical trial lost, on average, 897 grams per week while participating in Gwendoline Ford’s Holistic Gastric Hyno-Band Program – that’s just under the maximum save weight loss limit of 1 kilogram per week. This demonstrated the effectiveness of our hypnotherapy program for our clients!


Price Session/s Duration
$695 4 x sessions 4+ hours



“This will go down in history as the day you changed my life!”

– Weight loss client



Fertility by Hypnosis™

Hypnotherapy has helped many women achieve their goal of becoming pregnant. When using mind/body techniques, such as hypnosis, women have a 42-55% higher conception rate as compared to 20% that use IVF alone (as reported by The Journal of the American Medical Women´s Association and Fertility and Sterility).

We are delighted to announce that one of our expert practitioners, Gwendoline Ford, is now one of just approximately 30 practitioners qualified in Fertility by Hypnosis™ in Australia. This remarkably effective and affordable technique can more than double your chance of getting pregnant by eliminating the main culprits of “unexplained infertility”- stress and anxiety.

This hypnotherapy fertility program can be used alone, or prior to/in conjunction with IVF.


Price Session/s Duration
$160 1 x session 60 – 90 minutes


For further information, you can contact the clinic directly on 07 3392 0673 or you can visit our sister clinic Brisbane Fertility by Hypnosis Clinic.



“I am finally pregnant, again… and this time I know it will be different.”

– Fertility by Hypnosis client, 9 months after a miscarriage





There will be times in all our lives where we encounter problems that require the help of an objective and empathetic counsellor. Sharing a problem helps to reduce its burden on our mind and body, and allows us a sense of clarity by which we are better able to transform the problem into something positive.

Our counsellors take a holistic approach to our clients. We appreciate that our clients are more than just “the problem”, and help you to tap into your own wisdom and potential so that you become empowered, stronger, and better able to face life’s challenges head on.

Price Session/s Duration
$120 1 x session 60 minutes



“… you have helped me to see things from a different angle and now I feel much better. I know now that it wasn’t my fault and that I can make better decisions in my future… I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own…”

– Client that was experiencing long-term family issues


Hypnosis Brisbane


For further information or to make an appointment:

Call 07 3392 0602




All prices listed are per session or program. The price and duration will vary depending on the type of session (initial consultation, first treatment or follow-up) for some hypnotherapy treatments. We recommend you contact the clinic to arrange a brief and free consultation with a hypnotherapist over the phone so that a more accurate quote and approach to your treatment can be discussed.

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