“AHH I Passed my driving Test..Thank you so much.”

I am so excited it has helped me so much to get control of my nerves and I was more focused then ever before. I will definitely recommend you

– On the 5th time success, the only thing different she did was hypnotherapy, December, 2010

“Just would like to say thank you so much for changing my life…

I was unable to quit smoking for years, tried so many different therapies, all in vain…3 simple Hypnotherapy sessions were miraculously effective… Thank you so much again and keep up the good work.”

– Franka Bonne, 2009


“It worked so amazingly well. I can’t believe I haven’t touched another cigarette.

Now I wonder what else you can help me with!”

– Compulsive smoker, July 2010


“This will go down in history, as the day you changed my life.”

– Weight-loss client, 2010



“WOW! I won my competition! I couldn’t believe it – I actually felt prepared and ready, and I didn’t forget a single move. I think the relaxation you did with me, and the hypnotic suggestions you implanted, TRULY helped me deal with the nerves and enabled me to approach my performance with excitement and focus, rather than fear!

I am delighted with the results, and with my win. Thank you so much!

Aerial Dance Competitor, Aug 2010




“That was awesome! Thank you so much.”

– Young smoker

“All my friends were smoking and it didn’t even bother me. You’ve changed my life.”

2-packs-a-day smoker, for the last 40 years

“I am finally pregnant, again. And this time I know it will be different.”

– Fertility by Hypnosis client, 9 months after miscarriage


“I just cannot thank you enough. I didn’t want to take this unecessary jealousy into my future marriage. Thank you, Gwen!”

– Second-time bride, struggling with trust issues

I am very excited about our sessions and looking forward to the next one.

I feel so positive and relaxed from yesterday that whenever [stressful] occasions arose, I found myself just feeling positive and saying the positive statement [to myself].

The negative thinking didn’t come through quickly like it used to and I didn’t even need to say ‘stop’!
I just chose to feel positive without contemplating the negative.

Also, I visited my special place once today using the technique you showed me. I will work on doing that more. Thanks again and see you next week.

– Fertility by Hypnosis client

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